Monday, March 31, 2008

BouncyRock Forum has a forum! Check out there home page and follow the link.

I haven't had too much time to play around their forums yet, but they've got a few threads going and I plan to post their shortly!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Screenshots from Hythum and Adam Miller Podcast

I've got some screen shots from Hythum to share. The first three are from Castle Boyden, which you might remember if you played the original. The others are from a crypt somewhere in Hythum. I'm making progress slowly but surely.

I'd also recommend hoping over to Neverwinter Podcast today. Michele/Liso landed a great interview with Adam Miller. They are also going back to weekly rather than bi-weekly podcasts. Double kudos to the podcast team.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hythum on NWN2 Forums

I posted about Hythum on the NWN2 forums. It's not particularly long but I may duplicate some posts there and occasional put up some information about my progress. I've noticed other modders are doing this and thought I would follow suit.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hard Drive Problems

I decided to defrag my primary and secondary hard drives on Easter Sunday. The primary went fine, the secondary threw a weird error which I failed to write down or find in the app or sys logs. The error indicated a problem reading a .bmp files that started with a ~ It seemed like it was having trouble reading an open file, but there was nothing open. It suggested the problem was a failed network connection. My computer could be off my local lan and I should still scan a local drive without any trouble.

I the defrag shut down and the secondary drive didn't show up on my drive list. (CRAP). I restarted, and the machine locked on reboot (CRAP CRAP) I restarted again and it ran checkdisk on my secondary drive automatically. (Whew)

It said, "The volume is dirty." (I work in IT but I am not familiar with that but could deduce the meaning).

Then slowly lots of messages like this:
Read failure with status 0xc0000185 at offset 0xc0250000 for 0x10000 bytes.
Read failure with status 0xc0000185 at offset 0xc0260000 for 0x10000 bytes.


The CPU is up when I'm back from dinner at my in-laws. (nice dinner, fun times)

The secondary drive is back with some odd folders that look like they've been recovered. It looks like my video editing suite may be toasted, but my music files and NWBackup folder are intact. I start defrag and get.

"Disk Defragmenter has detected that chkdsk is scheduled to run on volume:"

and ""The volume is dirty."


So I am running a full check disk and checked the sys and app log. I found the following articles about the issue. Article #1, article #2 and the following google search result.

Sounds like a check disk SHOULD fix it. It could be

A) a disk failing (no suprise there)
B) A virus (possible but I'm pretty careful)
C) Windows screwing up, and there is a way to reset the status so the drive is not considered 'dirty'. (Hmmmm.... wish I could find this on a KB article from Microsoft)


Good news is not too much is in danger. Lots of video and some music, but that would be the worst of it. It's been a few months since a full backup. At work we run them nightly but I don't have the time or resources to do that at home.

We'll see what happens.

* * * * * *
Edit 2.5 hours later

Looks like we're back on the road, no problems. *whew *

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hythum Screenshots - Villiage of Sciforth

I had Good Friday off and split the day between my kids and when they were entertaining themselves I modded. I worked on Sciforth, the last civilized village in Hythum. It's very small, and sprung up along the port road to Boyden Castle. It needs polish, but it's come along very nicely in a short time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Science fiction author Arthur C Clarke dies aged 90

From Times Online
March 18, 2008

Science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clarke has died aged 90 in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, it was confirmed tonight.

Clarke, who had battled debilitating post-polio syndrome since the 1960s and sometimes used a wheelchair, died at 1:30 a.m. after suffering breathing problems, aide Rohan De Silva said.

The visionary author of over 100 books, who predicted the existence of satellites, was most famous for his short story "The Sentinel," on which filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" was based.

He was also credited with inventing the concept of communications satellites in 1945, decades before they became a reality.

Clarke was the last surviving member of what was sometimes known as the "Big Three" of science fiction alongside Robert A. Heinlein and Isaac Asimov.

The son of an English farming family, Clarke was born in the seaside town of Minehead, Somerset, England on December 16, 1917.

After attending schools in his home county, Arthur Clarke moved to London in 1936 and pursued his early interest in space sciences by joining the British Interplanetary Society. He started to contribute to the BIS Bulletin and began to write science fiction.

With the onset of World War II he joined the RAF, eventually becoming an officer in charge of the first radar talk-down equipment, the Ground Controlled Approach, during its experimental trials. Later, his only non-science-fiction novel, Glide Path, was based on this work.

In 1945, a UK periodical magazine “Wireless World” published his landmark technical paper "Extra-terrestrial Relays" in which he first set out the principles of satellite communication with satellites in geostationary orbits - a speculation realised 25 years later. During the evolution of his discovery, he worked with scientists and engineers in the USA in the development of spacecraft and launch systems, and addressed the United Nations during their deliberations on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

Today, the geostationary orbit at 36,000 kilometres above the Equator is named The Clarke Orbit by the International Astronomical Union.

Despite his vast contribution Clarke still is best known as a visionary science fiction writer.

The first story he sold professionally was "Rescue Party", written in March 1945 and appearing in Astounding Science in May 1946. He went on to become a prolific writer of science fiction, renowned worldwide.

In 1964, he started to work with the noted film producer Stanley Kubrick on a science fiction movie script. Four years later, he shared an Oscar nomination with Kubrick at the Hollywood Academy Awards for the film version of “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

In television, Clarke worked alongside Walter Cronkite and Wally Schirra for the CBS coverage of the Apollo 12 and 15 space missions. His thirteen-part TV series Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World in 1981 and Arthur C. Clarke's World of strange Powers in 1984 have been screened in many countries and he has contributed to other TV series about space, such as Walter Cronkite's Universe series in 1981.

Clarke first visited Colombo, Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon) in December 1954 and has lived there since 1956 , pursuing an enthusiasm for underwater exploration along that coast and on the Great Barrier Reef.

In 1998, his lifetime work was recognised when he was honoured with a Knighthood – formally conferred by Prince Charles in Sri Lanka two years later.

In recent years, he has been largely confined to a wheelchair due to post-polio syndrome, but his output as a writer continued undiminished.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hythum - In Transit

I finished up the sub-module I was working on. The last area was not hard to build thanks to airships from Amraphael. I need an 'in transit' area. Dropped the ground to -95 with noise, and put the airship at about +80 with lots of white fog below and around the ship. It looks pretty cool.

Tomorrow looks like no modding work. Too many other commitments.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1/2 of new exterior completed

I've finished about half of a new exterior, the last area I need for the Port Leaton Area. The other half of this area is flat and empty, but what's done looks quite nice. At least I'm happy with it.

The trees in the background are two uniform. I try to keep an area down to two or three trees/tree seeds, but will need some variance.

Need grass... or something.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Screen shots (of the author/blogger)

I'm going to have some time off my feet in the near future for foot surgery. As a result my wife suggested I get a comfortable recliner to recover in. Here are some pictures of the recliner. It came today.Aahhh...

Do I look relaxed?

Screen Shots

Quick screen shots of a caves I'm working on for Hythum. I'm happy with the look thus far.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Swamp from Darmok

I've got a couple of screen shots from Darmok, who is also working on Hythum. This is a small prototype for a swamp that he is building. I think they are fantastic. Darmok is becoming an excellent exterior builder and he'll be working on some of the key exteriors for Hythum. Way to go Darmok!

Finally a screen shot from an area Darmok built that is not intended for Hythum. It was an experiment he did using the toolset. This is a 2x2 area, where the grass was actually maxed out. It was impossible to add more. Looks pretty cool!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Battlestar Galactica: What the Frak is Going On

This is a recap of the miniseries and first three seasons. It's all 100% spoilers. If you have watched the show, it's absolutely hysterical. I'm a BG junkie, had to post this.

Hythum work completed over the weekend

I've got most of the work done on the Port Leaton sewers. The layout, water, lighting, fog, effects, and sound are done. Still need some placeables, but it's close. Take a look and see what I got done yesterday...

Screen Shots

I'm trying to upload screen shots but I've been getting a server error both today and yesterday. Very odd...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tribute to Gary Gygax

I know a fair number of NWN2 players are not old school D&D players. If you'd like to know more about Gary Gygax, who passed earlier this week, or if you just want to see a nice tribute check out the following video presentation on the Wizards of the Coast web site.

There is also an MP3 of an interview done on a talk radio station. Hilliary Clinton wins Ohio breaking in for a few minutes in the middle during the record, so make sure you can pass a saving throw versus politics or just fast forward a bit. ;-) If you don't mind other talk radio odds and ends it's a nice bit of audio about Mr. Gygax and D&D.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hythum Screenshots Part 3 - weird bug

More screenshots. I really like this area, but have an odd bug that's showing up in game only.

The lower area on either side of the walkway should be filled with water, it is but the water appears and disappears from one tile to the next. Very odd. I suppose I could replace the water with placeable water item.

The water is on in this view and shows what I want the area to look like.

The water is gone again. Weird...

This shows the water on in one tile and off in the next. Look toward the top of the picture to see the missing water.

Very weird.

More screenshots from Hythum

More screenshots from Hythum interiors. This will be from a 'dungeon' area.

Looks like the guy on the coffin is trying to look up the pants of the statue behind him, I may have to re-arrange this room.

Screen shots from Hythum

Today we have screen shots from a variety of interiors I've been working on over the past few weeks.
A dinning room in the Port Leaton palace.

A walkway deep within a chasm. It needs some work, particularly if you look up.

Magic shop (spooky looking I hope)

I'm not tellin' where this one is.

Once again, it's a secret.