Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Lives - Writing PnP Modules

I've been corresponding regularly with an old friend. He recently suggested I write a text based RPG app for Facebook. I am an MS SQL / ASP.NET guy and don't really have the time or inclination to program this, or learn Php and MySQL.

I have however been thinking about doing more home movies, or short films for my kids. I think I can spin a good yarn, and I have a pretty good vocabulary, but I'm not sure I'm much of a writer. Still writing has always been tempting.

I've always thought about writing a PnP module for DnD. If it were 1st or 2nd edition I'd have no qualms about game balance, but I've not played much 3rd edition, and I've never played 4th edition.

With all that said, I ordered the 4th edition monster manual today, it's the last of the core rulebooks I need for 4th Edition. I'm not sure how far this will go, but I am giving it some thought. Perhaps I can look up my old friends over at and see if they might look over what I put together.

At any rate, perhaps D&D and RPG will make a comeback again, not for NWN2 but in some form there may be a resurgence. Time will tell.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Zork for NWN2 is out!!!

He did it! He finished it! Zork for NWN2 by Amraphael is complete.

Amraphael has been a pleasure to correspond with over the past couple of years. He provided me with an amazing Airship model for my unfinished NWN2 version of Hythum and I am thrilled that a his project is complete. He certainly put a tremendous amount of effort into it.

It's been 10+ months since I've played or modded for NWN2, but I may have to crack the game out to give Zork a try.

Way to go Amraphael!