Monday, June 21, 2010

Paper and Pencil Project

I have been writing a 4th Edition Paper and Pencil version of Hythum since last Fall. I'm through the first 3 and half sections and it clocks in at nearly 150 pages, I'm guessing it will be 200 - 300 pages when I'm done. I'm not quite sure where to post it or how to distribute it, or if anyone will ever read or use it.

I wrote to Hal over at last Summer/Fall and asked if he'd look at what I was writing. He was nice enough to agree, but I had no idea it would wind up being this long. I don't really feel like I can hold him to his kind offer, but when I get more done I intend to ask him and perhaps send it along.

It's in dire need of proof reading which is not my strong suit. My wife has offered to proof it, but D&D content is unusual to say the least and it may be difficult for her to get through it.

I've been travelling on vacation with the family so its been a few weeks and with the onset of summer I'm outside more and writing less.